What are the best towels to take to the beach?

Whether you go to the beach or stay in the city, you need a towel to lie on the sun and chill.

Here are different options to use on any occasion with their pros and cons:


  1. Cotton towel (100% Cotton):


Pro: it is a strong fabric, somewhat rigid and resistant.
Cons: it is a bit heavy, dries slow, it stick to grass or sand.


  1. Combined towel (50% Cotton, 50% Polyester):

Beach towel cotton and microfiber

Pro: it is a resistant fabric, it does not stick to grass or sand, it dries as much as cotton, it is lightweight.
Cons: cannot be tumble dried.


  1. Microfiber Towel (100% Polyester):


Pro: fast drying, absorbent, lightweight, thin fabric, won't stick to grass or sand.
Cons: cannot be tumble dried.

I hope these descriptions helps you at deciding which one to buy.

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